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5 Reasons Macron and Merkel Aren’t Going to Save Europe

“Britain is leaving the EU – just as Europe is on the up” was the title of an article recently published in the Guardian’s opinion pages. It’s not alone – a number of similar pieces have been found across the liberal mainstream press over the past few days. The song that centrist voices now sing together is one of a new dynamic in the EU thanks ... Read more

The French left marches towards its own gentrification

Emmanuel Macron’s ‘En Marche !’ movement is poised to seize the biggest majority of any government of the Fifth Republic after the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday. In the wake of this seismic shift, the left lies in ruins. This is a translation of an article by political scientist Virginie Martin published on the Conversation... Read more

Mélenchon: Left Wing Populism à la Française?

Months of campaigning draw to a close on Sunday as France votes in the first round of its presidential elections. For much of this time, the two finalists predicted to go through to the next round have been the far right candidate Marine Le Pen and the centrist Emmanuel Macron… Read this article on Novara Media Read more